What is A Mortgage Loan

It is debt system that is secured by a real estate which is held by the borrower Under the terms of a mortgage loan, the borrower is obligated to make a series of repayments. In a foreclosure, anyone inhabiting the property is evicted, and the property is sold to pay off the residual amount of the mortgage.

Is Mortgage Loan Safe??

Because of the presence of collateral mortgage loans are considered to be relatively safe for lenders; therefore, the intrest rate on mortgage loans tend to be lower than for unsecured debt.

Repaying A Mortgage Loan

The mortgage is usually to be paid back in the form of monthly payments that consist of interest and a principle. The principal is repayment of the original amount borrowed, which reduces the balance. The interest, on the other hand, is the cost of borrowing the principal amount for the past month.

Taxes On Mortgage Loan

Monthly mortgage payment includes taxes, insurance, interest, and the principal. Taxes are remitted to local governments as a percentage of the value of the property. These tax amounts can vary based on where the borrower lives and are usually reassessed on an annual basis. The insurance payments go toward mortgage and hazard insurance. The property mortgage insurance (PMI) protects the lender from loss incurred if a borrower defaults, whereas hazard insurance protects both the borrower and the lender from property losses. The funds may be held in escrow or the lender may collect the taxes and the insurance. PMI typically is not required if you put 20% or more down on your home. As long as you are not behind on payments, PMI payments are automatically terminated when either you are at the midway point of your loan in time, or when the loan-to-value (LTV) reaches 78%.

Reverse Mortgage

If you’re 62 or older – and want money to pay off your mortgage, supplement your income, or pay for healthcare expenses – you may consider a reverse mortgage. It allows you to convert part of the equity in your home into cash without having to sell your home or pay additional monthly bills. But take your time: a reverse mortgage can be complicated and might not be right for you. A reverse mortgage can use up the equity in your home, which means fewer assets for you and your heirs. If you do decide to look for one, review the different types of reverse mortgages, and comparison shop before you decide on a particular company.


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