PUBG Season 17 Free Royale Pass

Royale Pass Season 17

 RP is PUBG Mobile’s version of a battle pass, It is A Type Of Progression system where players can earn cosmetic items just through playing the game. … These passes keep players coming back to free games like PUBG Mobile (Fortnite uses a similar system) and lead to a huge increase in player spending.

Why Do We Buy Royale Pass??

Tencent releases a new Royale Pass for every season of content, which lasts around a month. In addition to various gameplay adjustments, the new update adds the Skorpion machine pistol, rare avatar skins, and a server dedicated to players in the Middle East. Players can also purchase a premium version (the Elite pass) to unlock even more rewards.The Elite Royale Pass is packed to the brim with appealing cosmetic skins and items for the player, but it also costs 600 UC to acquire. UC is the in-game currency that can be bought with real-world money.

Royale Pass Of Season 17 Is Worth It??

The Free Royale Pass does not require any purchases, and the player will receive items and cosmetic upgrades every time they level up. However, the items and cosmetics will not be nearly as attractive or appealing as the rewards in the Elite Royale Pass. Much like Daily Events, Weekly Events run through the week with a larger RP bonus. However, they require more targets to be hit by the player to get a significant bonus. A 200 RP crate drops every week after the player completes multiple missions, and you can claim it from the inventory for a massive 200 RP bonus.

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