What is A Config?

Ever since Tencent released the mobile version of PUBG everyone has been glued onto their mobile screen, getting one chicken dinner after another. While PUBG on PC is notorious for its poor optimizations, the mobile version of the game is rather well optimized and runs fairly smoothly on almost all modern devices. However, if you’re rocking an older device or perhaps something that’s a little underpowered, you might have faced occasional stuttering and frame drops while playing PUBG Mobile. While a few frame drops here and there aren’t much of a big deal in casual games, in competitive games like PUBG even the occasional frame drop could result in death.

How Does It Help us?

One of the most popular mobile games, PUBG Mobile has attracted multiple gamers across age groups from all over the world. While the game is known for some brilliant graphics, catchy designs and a variety of weapons, one issue that is common is the lag that comes with certain devices while playing PUBG Mobile.

Will Our Account Get Ban?

Config is Completly Safe For Main Account and Add Some extra Features To Our Game Play Which Helps to Improve our Ranking…

What Will Config Do?

  • 100% Safe.
  • 100% Working.
  • No ads.
  • Improve FPS.
  • Lower Rendering Issues.

Password is:- PGMAGICV3

Download Your File Here:-

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