PUBG Config V2 To Fix Lag In Low End Device

What is A Config?

Config are Simple Files Which Help to Improve Our Gameplay Skill’s And Improve Our Ranking in PUBG

Will Config Lead Us To Ban?

Never..!! Because We Are Just Fixing Lag To Improve our Experience So It Will Never Lead To ban Unless We Say it Is Safe to use

Can We Use Our Main Account?

Yes You Can use your main account with our files it’s 100% Safe

Will it increase our FPS Also?

Yes Config Will increase Your FPS At Highest Frame Rate Supported By Your Device Which Makes Our Gameplay Even More Smoother And Let’s us to get Chicken Dinner Successfully..!!

Is It a Large File?

No Config is A Very small File less then A MB So U Can download and apply it easily 💕✌

Scroll Down For Password..

You Can Download The Config From Here:-

Password For The Zip Is:- PGMAGICV2

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